Using machine Learning To Create AI Casino Games

Though gambling remains a controversial and highly-regulated industry across Malaysia, it is also an immensely lucrative one that continues to grow at an astounding rate. The industry has managed to create millions in government taxes and thousands of jobs to the citizens. This has seen other people even taking up these casino games as a fulltime career. Globally, annual gross returns from gambling are expected to top half-a-trillion dollars by the end of 2019. Malaysians spend more money on gaming (which besides casino visits includes everything from lottery tickets to dog racing) than they do on other entertainment activities such as watching movies and going to concerts. The average Malaysian loses more money during an evening of gambling than he or she spends at the local shopping mall.

Like so many other industries struggling to maximize profits by leveraging the reach of the Internet and the power of modern computing, the Malaysian casinos and gaming industry is already intimately familiar with the power of database marketing. They know it works, and they invest heavily in collecting marketing data. But they do it haphazardly. Machine learning, or Artificial Intelligence (AI), is poised to bring order to the chaos of current data collection and analysis methods. Relying on highly-complex algorithms and statistical models, AI not only follows instructions, it goes beyond instructions, learning reflexively and dedicating itself to doing better the next time. This has seen many Malaysian competitions to come up with the best casino games through AI.

There is no doubt that machines are more accurate and faster than human beings. This has led many companies to use machine learning to create these games. They rely on trial and error to learn new tricks and methods. This process is complex and takes up a lot of time. The result however is sophisticated casino games that are error-free and that cannot be cheated. This is a very important feature for casino games to ensure that the online company does not lose money. Casino games are a vital part of everyday life in Malaysia and it is vital to make them perfect for people to get a more immersive playing experience.

What industry figures want are cutting-edge analytical tools that understand the truly unique patterns at the heart of their industry. They see these cutting-edge tools as integral to boosting profits and facilitating greater stability and improved planning. And indeed, nothing today collects and interprets data as effectively and insightfully as machine learning platforms. These powerful, highly-dynamic technologies can bring together individual gambling histories, demographic data, social media content, virtual personal online identities, and a range of other content, to produce “smarter” insights now beginning to drive marketing outreach. The “smarter” the insights and recommendations, the more likely it is that highly-effective marketing campaigns can be designed using these data as their foundation.

With these larger goals in mind, industry leaders are beginning to see machine learning as a way to identify their most valuable and profitable customers who play the casino games the most much more accurately and to appeal to these customers more effectively through a complex web of highly-individualized marketing efforts. In the gambling and gaming industry, however, there are different types of most valuable players. The casinos always want to know which of their regular customers are likely to lose the most money and when. But they also want to know, with as much specificity as possible, which are likely to “beat the house.” Their reasons are not always nefarious. After all, customers who win, and win big, become “living advertising.” Growing the customer base depends on a certain number of players winning and sharing that information with others. And yet appealing to both big-time “winners” and “losers” often demands radically-different models of database marketing. And the same is true when it comes to appealing to everyone else: the tens of millions of Malaysian gamblers and gamers whose attitudinal and behavioral profiles fall somewhere between these two extremes, each subtly different from the rest. Operators need to know who a current or potential valuable player is. Who, they want to know, has the potential to generate the biggest returns over time? And it is here that the power of machine learning promises unprecedented levels of insight.

Creating online casino games through AI has made the process easier and faster. They have become more efficient and enjoyable for players to get a good revenue stream from them. There have been numerous competitions in Malaysia to create the best casino games and this has seen great results. Machine learning is a fast-growing field in technology that many people have made an effort to capitalize on. Online casinos have become a vital part of modern life and a source of money. Through AI, this has improved greatly.